Social Business Resources

The Social Business Pedia is the go-to place for everything related to Social Business. It provides news updates, resources, events, and a community network for individuals to engage in Social Business. Be sure to check out their website.  

The Grameen Creative Lab is an excellent source of global social business efforts. Please see their site for a partial list of social business examples.

Social Business Directory


This company was started in 2002 by three University of Notre Dame graduates. BetterWorldBooks is an online bookstore promoting the idea that education and access to books are a basic human right. It is one of the first certified B Corporations.


B Corp

B Corp is an organization which promotes the spread of B corporations (see "Social Business Resources" on our website). Its website is full of information, including a searchable list of B corporations.

Earth Friendly Coffee Company

Earth Friendly Cofee is a social justice initiative doing business as a fair trade company. Designed as a social business, it aims to help indigenous people in the developing world offer a value-added roasted coffee product. For more information, visit the EFC website.

Cure Thalessemia in India

This social business aims to cure people of a rare blood disease. Founder Eugenio La Mesa is one of our most inspiring social business partners. For more information, visit the Cure Thalessemia website.

Article about La Mesa's experience as a social business entrepreneur

Renault Mobiliz

As stated on Renault's site, "the inability to get around, and in particular the impossibility to acquire or maintain a vehicle, are major factors of social and economic exclusion. As a leading player in the automotive industry and sustainable mobility for all, the Renault group is launching the Renault MOBILIZ program, in an effort to make it easier for persons in difficulty to become mobile." Check out this unique social business Renault's website.

Ruralive Colombia

This social business, part of the Grameen Caldas initiative, helps low-income rural families to develop income generating tourist activities with the purpose of improving their living conditions.  Families host tourists and students in their homes for a few days and share their activities and lifestyles. For more information or to book a stay, see their website.

X Runner 

This social business has a mission to provide a private, hygienic, and sustainable sanitation product linked to an affordable pick-up and cleaning service to urban households that lack adequate water and sanitation infrastructure. They are piloting the product in Peru. For more information, please see their website.

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